Are the diplomas issued by the Academy degrees with full legal effect?

The Academy of Fine Arts of Venice is a state institution that is part of the Higher Education for the Fine arts, Music and Dance (AFAM) of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
The first and second level diplomas awarded are equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts (Laurea Triennale) and a Master of Arts (Laurea Magistrale), as established by the Italian Qualifications Framework (QTI). The curricula of these academic qualifications are articulated according to the university model and characterized by the credit system - CF (Formative Credit, each credit corresponding to 25 hours of study effort).

I do not come from an artistic secondary school, can I enroll at the Academy?

Of course, you can enroll even if you do not come from an artistic secondary school. However, you will have to take an entrance exam. To find out more about entrance exams click here.

Once enrolled, if I change idea, can I change department or course?

Yes, you can change your course of study by presenting the necessary documentation. For more information click here.

Is presence in the classroom mandatory?

Attendance to didactic activities is compulsory. The teacher will attest your presence and admit you to the exams. The percentage of attendance necessary for fulfilling this obligation cannot be less than 80% of all the training activities of each discipline, individual study excluded.

Can I transfer to Venice from another Academy?

Of course, to learn more about transfers click here.

If I have other doubts who can I contact?

You can send an email to ammissioni@accademiavenezia.it.